Golddigger new release – Ruby’s in town.




Greetings from a snowy and frosty Christine!

I’m thrilled to bring you the next Golddigger short story, RUBY. Writing in the Golddigger world is a gift to an author. The characters chat to me every single day. There’s always something going on in the world, with more love stories to come and plenty of twists and turns.



My name’s Ruby and I’m a GOLDDIGGER. Some women believe in romance and finding the one shit. Not me. Love left my heart a broken and bloody mess, like road kill on the freeway of life.

The long journey back to wellness brought me here, to success, fame and fortune. Sounds great, right? Except I value a helluva lot more, things a woman cannot put a price on, like independence and FREEDOM.

No man will ever again take away my sense of self. Not even Mr. Too-Hot-To-Trot Andre Martinez. His Latin machismo and arrogance puts my teeth on edge. Try telling that to my hormones which sit up and pant when he comes anywhere near me. The problem is, in his job as one of the top costumiers on the planet, he has his hands on my bare skin—a lot.

I might tremble. I might get hot under the collar. But I Will Not Give In. I won’t.

Will I?


Will she? You betcha. I had the best time writing Ruby and Andre’s story. This girl takes no prisoners. Enjoy!

Christine X

Golddigger short story, SUKKI, is out today!


Greetings, my lovelies!

I bet you’re all pleased it’s Friday and time for another Golddigger short story extravaganza. Thank you so much for the Golddigger love. I appreciate the messages and feedback so much. My readers seriously rock.

Today it’s the turn of SUKKI. I had the best time writing this one. The hero, Jon Castro, is desperate to make amends for past wrongs. Will he convince Sukki to give him another chance? And if he does, will they live happy ever after? Grab the story and see.




“Once upon a time there was a beautiful and sweet but dirt poor girl who met a wealthy guy with the world at his feet. Against the odds, they fell madly in love. But the guy was a complete dick and broke the girl’s heart.

My name’s Jon Castro. I’m a top ball player and I’m the dick.

The girl’s name is Sukki Silver. These days she’s a Golddigger. A fully paid-up member of the top burlesque troupe in the world. Yep, seems my sweet girl didn’t wallow for long in heartbreak and misery. In the time we’ve been apart, she’s moved on to carve herself a wonderful career, while I did my level best to destroy mine.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’ve had issues to work through. I say had because over the last two years I’ve been forced to deal with the emotional crap that kept me trapped in a past I found I can’t out-drink or outrun.

Basically I had two choices, deal or die. I chose to deal.

Now I’m in a better place, as part of my treatment is to atone for my many sins. To reach that goal I want Sukki back where she belongs — with me. Trouble is, she isn’t giving me the time of day. Who can blame her? See, love’s a tricky thing. Seems a man doesn’t choose not to love someone. The heart wants what the heart wants.

And this dick is back, and I’m gonna go down on my knees to make amends. Have you heard the phrase ‘talk’s cheap’?  I agree with the sentiment, which means actions speak louder than words. It’s actions Sukki needs from me. Will she give me a chance? Who knows? Nothing’s ever certain in life, but by God I’m gonna fight for her…

Wish me luck.”


Next up, pre-order links for RUBY and PEARL. Two girls who know what they want out of life.

And on Monday, it’s another slice of Ludlow life, and we have tiaras, tantrums, and screaming good fun with the Ferranti family.


Christine x

It’s Friday. Time for another Golddigger release.




Happy Friday, you wonderful readers!

All ready for the weekend?

We have Guy Fawkes lighting up clear frosty skies across the land over the next couple of days. Lucky for us we can sit cozy and warm in the conservatory and watch the fireworks.

There’s plenty of fireworks in store with the next stand alone Golddigger instalment out today. Man, oh man. Miss Millie is a modern day Calamity Jane in stiletto’s and corsets who knows how to make a certain man weak at the knees. Which is all very well, but is she prepared to forgive him?  Hmm. Read on and find out.

My lovely Australian readers are incredibly thoughtful. They read Millie yesterday and spent hours teasing and torturing their reader friends in the UK and the USA until the story went live. You guys are crazy in a good way. I like that about you.

Here’s Millie’s blurb:

“Money. Fame. Success.

Honey, I’m a GOLDDIGGER.

I’m truly walkin’ in high cotton.

I have it all.

Sure, I’ve gone through real hard times and made mistakes along the way.

Who hasn’t?

I’m not a perfect person.

But success comes with a price.

Seems I have a stalker.

Since I’m his object of desire, the notes detailing what he’s gonna do to me have gotten everyone from the police to my boss’s knickers in a knot.

You might ask, am I scared?

’Scuse me, sistas. I’m from Texas. I learned to shoot a gun before I could walk.

A nut job don’t worry me none.

Remember I mentioned a past mistake?

Well, the mistake just walked through the door.

Cole Buchanan’s always been too good looking with a hot bod and sultry bedroom eyes. Once upon a time, Cole and I did a lot of messin’ up the straw in my daddy’s hayloft.

These days, he’s an ex-navy seal, runs a personal protection business, and looks like a man straight out of central casting for the Men in Black, complete with the shades and piss poor attitude.

And he’s here to protect me.

(Hang on a minute while I stop laughing).

But then a tragic secret from the past comes back to bite my ass, and both our lives are changed…




Thank you so much for sharing the Golddigger love, and the fabulous reviews. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying these short stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Up next week is SUKKI. Bless her. She’s Birdie’s favourite.


Christine X





Authors Giving Back is the wonderful idea of Contemporary Romance Bestselling Author the wonderful Ruth Cardello.

The idea is that today, the 3rd of December, we give back to readers a free book. My choice is A Stormy Spring which is attracting many fans and followers across distributors.

Think Flashdance meets PS I Love You

…Music was her life, choreography her only passion…

Becca had buried her heart with the love of her life…but when she spends a single night of scorching lust with a gorgeous Spaniard the lonely dancer finds there’s a price to pay…

To a man who refuses to take no for an answer…

But fans need to comment and sign up to my blog to win. And there will be THREE lucky winners. Hugo will pick the names out of a hat and I’ll post the name of the winners on Friday 7th December at 6.00pm GMT. Good Luck.

Yes, there’s always a small catch.

BUT that’s not all. Ruth’s also running a huge Pinterest competition (you don’t need to join to enter) where she has many authors participating over twelve days. I’m giving away twelve books and other authors are giving books and many more prizes. Enter as many times as you like and here’s the link:

Here’s the facebook page link too:


Here’s some reader reviews.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Should have been titled “A Steamy Spring” September 30, 2012
By Kathy
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
CC MacKenzie can write a sex scene like no other. She even beats out JD Robb (Sorry, Nora). Hot and sensual, and well *stops to fan face* did I mention hot?Becca is an independent woman, still healing from some major scars from the past, and she wants no part of love. But after what should have been a one-night stand with the irresistable Lucas Del Garda, she is caught in his web. As she struggles to resist and Lucas woes her, in his rather heavyhanded way, the story unfolds, with several unexpected twists and turns.I enjoyed this book very much. I give it four stars only because the timeline seemed a bit off (you’ll understand why this is important when you encounter the first twist!) and there were a couple places where the characters’ moods shifted a little too quickly. But I would still very much recommend this story. It is well worth the price and the time invested in reading it. And it will leave you wanting more of CC MacKenzie’s work.

Barnes & Noble:

 FIVE STARS New Author. WOW!!! My New Fave!

Looooove the combination of uber sexy, macho man and human failings, and can relate to the struggle of a strong female to adjust to said male, lol! I can compare her writing to other fave authors, Nora Roberts, Lora Leigh, Jude Devraux, ect. Story lines that deely grab and effect the heart. You go girl! Aleady read; “Rome…Bronte & Nico’s story”, Cant wait to locate “Run, Run, Rosie” and any others.


Review by: hrhsophia on Aug. 21, 2012 : star star star star star
Great book, love the men, love the women. A couple of nods to that hot book of the moment but not too many. Cannot wait to read the rest of the series.


Nothing like following the lead of the wonderful Jennifer Lewis Oliver.



Here are the rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 authors, and let them know.

This is a really interesting exercise because you have no idea what you’re going to find.


Mine is an excerpt from A Stormy Spanish Spring – a contemporary romance:


Her body was supple, toned and flexible. It was also relentlessly trained, obedient and resilient with an endurance that would put a Special Forces commando to shame.

And it had never let her down, except once. But she’d bounced back, stronger, harder and tougher.

Over the years of learning her craft she’d dealt with the misery of rejection by only working harder to improve.

She wasn’t afraid of long hours or paying her dues.

If some said she got to where she was because of her mother, she’d only pushed herself even harder to prove them wrong. Fame was a burden for the children of the famous; constantly being judged, analysed and compared, made true success that bit harder to attain.

Life was not fair. God knew Becca understood that particular rule. She had the battle scars, emotional and physical to prove it.

Dance was her life and reason for existing – it fed her body, her mind and her soul. And if her heart was dead what did it matter? What use was an organ that caused nothing but destruction, pain and grief?

Instead of professional ballet she’d veered down a different path with Justin, rejecting performing, embracing the craft that fed her soul – choreography. No one compared her to her mother in this niche. Here she’d found her wings, flying fast and high.


I tag the following: Deborah Johnson Krager, Lisa Hall-Wilson, Alica & Roy Street, Lena Curzon, Emma Burcart, Pat O’Dea Rosen and Jansen Schmidt.

I must admit to being a teeny bit worried I landed slap bang in the middle of a lurvve scene. No idea if you lot are happy or sad about that!


You know I love hearing from you guys and I’ll sit here with a petted lip if no one comments. I’ll only take it out on my DH!