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CC MacKenzie’s latest book released in October 2019

A Standalone Story within the Ludlow Hall Romance Series

“Some women want diamonds and pearls. Give me music, hot chocolate, and peace and quiet…”

Since Clio Heyland turned twelve, she hated Christmas.

Now a famous Golddigger, Clio can’t wait for the festive season to be gone, baby. Gone.

However, this year she’s maid of honor at a winter wedding held at Ludlow Hall. And as if romance and holly and yo-ho-ho wasn’t bad enough, she’s caught the attention of brooding bachelor and business magnet,

Gregorio Ancelotti.

After a shaky start, their mutual attraction burns too hot, too fast.

With her heart on the line, dangerous secrets from Clio’s past return to threaten her success and any chance of personal happiness…

But Gregorio’s a man with dark secrets of his own, and a man who is prepared to fight for the woman he loves…