Want a new release? Here it is…..


Greetings, my darlings,

Seems like too long since I’ve posted.

I’m thrilled to tell you H is doing great.

Due to the pandemic, and like so many families around the world who’ve been forced apart, last week my family were together for the first time since January 2019!

Plenty of happy tears have been shed.

In writing news I’m beyond thrilled to bring you, at last, OUR RULES, book five set in THE RULES world. This one is Tanith and Anders rocky road to happiness, and that’s all I’m saying…

Here’s the blurb:

A Story of Love Found, Family and Hope

Seven days and seven nights in Mexico… sun, sand, sea… and no sex?

Photographer Anders Bergen doesn’t suffer fools gladly.
He’s a man at the pinnacle of his career and a man who
cannot escape his past.

Model Tanith Rucker never takes a second chance of life for granted.
However, she’s a woman struggling with innate shyness and a secret passion.
Anders made a fool of her once. She’s determined he won’t do it twice.

They say opposites attract… maybe love will make fools of them both…










I’m working on DESERT CAPTIVE and hope to have it published by the end of the year. I’m scared to actually type that because every single time I think I’m back in the saddle real life throws me a curve.

Sending a Big Hug to all y’all.



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    • Yay! Thank you so much for responding, Edna, the site has changed beyond all recognition. Lols. I wondered if the post had gone ‘live’.

      Yet another learning curve to navigate.

      Christine xx

  1. Hi, Christine.
    So glad to hear that you’re all doing okay.
    Already bought (I’ve kept checking and found it on release day 😬😂) read and loved, as always.
    I’m currently re-reading them all from the beginning.
    Take good care
    Karen xxx ❤️

  2. Welcome back! I just checked last week to see if you had released any new books, so happy to see this one. I’ve already purchased it, just waiting for it to download. Thank you for letting us know!

  3. So, so good to have you back. Contented my self by re-reading all of your books and now I can enjoy this one. Magic.

  4. Would you believe I was only thinking about you, last night, wondering how you and your H were getting on!! Hoping, selfishly, that there might be a new book on the horizon. Then this email appears. It must be my Dad…………orchestrating event, from Heaven !!

    I’m sooooooo happy that you are back. You were greatly missed !! You are an amazing author and your books bring me so much pleasure.

    . I’m delighted to hear H is doing well and that you finally all got together again, as a family. Family is the glue, that keeps us all together. .I lost my wonderful Dad, to that awful coronavirus In May 2020.!!!!!! A huge part of my heart and family is forever gone, but in another way, my Dad has never left me. He shows me that he is beside me all the time. 😊😊 .

    Anyway, I’m just so happy you’re back in action!!

    I have a huge smile 😁😁😊😊 on my face now, as I’m about to dive into your book.

    God bless and stay safe.


    • Aw, Miriam,

      I am so sorry to hear about your dad.

      The pandemic has turned so many millions of lives upside down.

      H is doing great, when he does what he’s told!! 😜

      I crack the whip when needed. During this time our garden has saved my sanity. Seems l channel creativity in dirt as well as words.

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me tonight. Readers are such a blessing.

      Hugs, Christine xxx

  5. Welcome back Christine!
    I was delighted when I saw your email, you’ve really been missed.
    I’ve bought ‘Our Rules’ and can’t wait to read it. I’ve re read all your books at least twice whilst waiting to hear from you.
    Look after yourself.

  6. Am reading! So thrilled to be back in the wonderful exciting  worlds you create in your books. Worth the wait! Congratulations my darling lady!! 💖💋

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  7. Great to have you back with a new book & posting again Christine.

    Can I ask if you have any plans in the future to write Louise and Ethan’s story? Feel there is definitely a story here.


    • Hi, Gill!

      Yes, I am planning to write Louise and Ethan’s story. The reason for the delay is because I needed to wrap up the second ‘Desert’ story, Desert Captive, which I’m writing now. The Monroe brothers feature in both Desert Orchid and Desert Captive, so I couldn’t move forward into the Monroe brothers books until I’d finished this one.

      Yes, I dug myself into a big creative hole. Lols.


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