6 thoughts on “My Facebook Author Profile

  1. Hi, I just read the first four books of your -LUDLOW HALL BOOKS. I really enjoyed them. When is book 5 due out (THE FALL OF JACOB DEL GARDA)?

    • Hi Edna! Thank you for contacting me. I’m delighted you’re enjoying the series. and you are very kind!

      Jacob should be out at the end of January. In the meantime I’ve a Ludlow Hall Christmas novella coming soon to tide the readers of the series over until Jacob comes out.

  2. I love, love, love your books! !!
    I’ve read all the Ludlow hall series…..Nico, and Bronte and Rosie. ….just all your characters are wonderful. I read authors like Kristen Ashley, Jennifer Ashley, Melody Anne, Judy Angelo, Ruth Cardello, Jeannette Winters, etc,etc.
    I enjoy authors that paint a panoramic picture of a town, or family, that when you read all the books becomes complete.
    Keep up the wonderful work that you do.
    Loved your work for awhile now, just wanted to make sure I thanked you.
    Mrs. B

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