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CC MACKENZIE is a USA Today bestselling author of twenty-four novels. She still has to cook, clean and wield a paintbrush and spirit level, which the Church of Scotland vicar failed to mention when he married her to H. Thirty blissful years later, if you ring and she doesn’t answer, she’s probably mixing cement.

Born in Scotland, she moved to Glasgow to join an International Bank specialising in trade finance in emerging markets. Her grand plan was to move to America and marry a cowboy. But then H entered her life and she went with him to Africa instead. These days she lives with H in leafy Cheshire.

Readers have dubbed her books, “made me laugh and made me cry” “hot” “page turners” all of which have delighted her enough to put in her bio.

If you meet CC in the flesh you should call her Christine.

Visit CC at her other online author pages by clicking on the images below at Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter.


Amazon (click on image below)

Amazon Author Profile

Amazon Author Profile

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Smashwords Author Profile

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Goodreads Author Profile

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Facebook Author Profile

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Twitter Author Profile

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