This is the wonderful Diane Capri – best-selling legal thriller author extraordinaire with the terribly sexy Lee Child. (That’s a name drop, so shoot me.)

It’s not often I rub shoulders with the famous who rub shoulders with the famous.

In fact I can’t really think of one famous person I’ve rubbed shoulders with, unless you count the ballerina Darcy Bussell years ago in Zimbabwe. But that’s another story.

Diane writes intelligent legal thrillers with intellectually kick-ass heroines. However, she’s really hit the big time with ‘Don’t know Jack’ a homage, in many respects, to the character Lee Child’s created, Jack Reacher. As you can see Lee loves Diane and all the girls love Lee.  Diane cleverly analysed the impact on the people Jack left behind, what happened to them and why after Jack touched their lives. The thing about Diane is that she understands the human condition. Might have something to do with the fact that she was a lawyer – see a wonderful interview with Karen McFarland here.

But I digress, Diane has me on her blog today, revealing me HERE. Omigod! One of the things she insisted or else requested was a real-time photograph of what I look like now. Omigod!

Can I just say in my defence, that I’m the one in the yellow T-shirt with the silver pompoms dancing on top of the moving float? And the other one with the bleached hair was after treatment when my hairdresser wanted a new look and I actually (must have been the drugs) said yes?

It’s not often I ask you guys to man up and help me, but please stop by on Diane’s blog and comment or she’ll kill me or worse.

And for those of you wondering about Run Rosie Run, she’s in edits and I’m wondering why the hell Alexander Ludlow wants her, seriously.