Greetings, my darlings,

In January this year, my beloved H was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Before I go any further I want to offer this PSA “Check your poop!” If you have any change in your poop habits, no matter how small, go to your doctor.

H’s cancer was found during routine health screening, which means it was caught early at T1/2 and was curable. And so began the roller-coaster ride to wellness. As luck would have it our consultant decided on a second opinion to see if H might be a good candidate for a new radiotherapy trial. And so we met Prof Hill at Manchester Royal Infirmary. After many tests and scans too numerous to mention, H was invited on the trail. It was random with a choice of three treatments, two radiotherapy and one surgical, and a computer chose the treatment. H was chosen for a radiotherapy treatment. It was gruelling, but he pretty much sailed through it.

The only blip was his refusal to ‘lie down’ to fatigue and take it easy. Words were exchanged between us and he received the message – suck it up and rest and let your body heal because no amount of forcing it or wearing grumpy cat face will work. The more you rest, the faster you heal. Next up, fourteen weeks later, was a look-see by Prof Hill to see if the tumour had shrunk. And yes, it had indeed. Six weeks later, microsurgery to remove a tiny piece of calcification. Microsurgery involved stretching certain muscles in the back passage that do not like to be stretched. (I’ll leave it to your imagination which muscle I’m referring to…. Ouch!). And of course, the muscle needs to heal. That’s taken a couple of months, but he’s almost back to his old self again (although more words have been exchanged about taking it easy and grumpy cat face).

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on my writing project that had taken a back seat during this time. When a loved one is ill, that loved one must be the number one focus for his/her family to support them through the emotional grenade cancer tosses into the middle of our lives.

It’s a test of endurance at times.

It’s also an opportunity to reconnect with love and intimacy and gratitude for the amazing life we’ve had together. We’d do it all over again in a heartbeat, and change nothing of the good and the bad and the tragic. All the words have been said as well.

And so we come to my writing news. I’m utterly thrilled to announce a new Ludlow Hall Romance, GREGORIO’S BRIDE, is about to be released on pre-order with a release date for Friday 4th October right across all global distributors. YAY!

It’s a big beast of a story that was challenging at times and one that simply would not let me go. My editorial team said, “Don’t you dare cut this, Christine.”  All y’all will need wine and chocolate and Kleenex, but it has a happy ending of course! The Ferranti family play a major part, as does Miz Sophia (man, that girl will rule the world one day), and that’s all I’m saying.

When I post next time it will be with the cover reveal, blurb and pre-order links as well. I’m hoping a few days, but we never know when distributors will move fast or slow.

I’m also working on the last of the Ludlow Nights series, OUR RULES. First draft is finished and I’m hammering out the second. As ever the characters are challenging me and kicking my ass. But after twenty-seven books I’m used to it! She says!

Love and hugs,

Christine X

40 thoughts on “I’M BAAAAAAACK!

  1. Hi Christine,
    I’m so, so happy for you both and your family that things are looking better.
    I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to reading Gregorio’s story and catching up with the gang, you have been missed.
    Sending great big hugs.
    Take care
    Karen xx 🤗❤

    • Hi, Karen!
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment. It felt weird working out how to post this blog this evening! I couldn’t remember how things worked and they’d also changed the format etc. However, nothing’s impossible! I’ve missed speaking to you guys as well. I hope you enjoy Gregorio’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it and not wanting to let the characters go.
      Christine X

      • It does look a bit different to last time I came on here too (had to work out how to post a comment !! 🙄😂)
        I shall keep checking Kindle store for pre-order now I know it’s on the way.
        I’d been thinking about re-reading the series as I’ve really missed your characters and now I definitely will. Where does this one slot into the timeline ?

        • This one comes after SEAN and Hitched To The Italian. It’s a long one. Over 101,000 words, but it needed to be for the story line. I just went with the flow. I hope you enjoy it!

      • It does look a bit different to last time I came on here too (I had to work out how to post a comment !! 🙄😂) I’ll keep checking Kindle store for pre-order now I know it’s on the way. I was thinking about re-reading the series as I’ve really missed your characters and now I definitely will.
        Where does this one slot into the Ludlow timeline ?

        • The longer the better for me.
          Sorry about the double post, don’t know what happened there ?!! 🙄😂

    • Hi, Geri,

      Thank you for the support, it’s been a long year in many ways. But we’ve been incredibly lucky to have had the chance of the treatment trial that meant H avoided major surgery. I hope you enjoy Gregorio’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. The characters have kept me going this year and I didn’t want to let them go.

  2. Hi Christine, I’m delighted that you’re back and so pleased that your H is recovering so well.
    I can’t wait for your new release, you’ve really been missed! So much so that I’ve reread all your books, probably more than once!! Welcome back 😊

    • Hi, Josie!

      Aw, thank you so much for your kind comment. You’ve made my day!
      As soon as I have the first pre-order links I’ll post the cover reveal, blurb and links as well. I hope you enjoy the next Ludlow Hall romance instalment.

      My editorial team are so excited with this story. It’s a long one, over 101,000 words, but they refused to let me cut it. I do what I’m told. Most of the time.

  3. Hi again Christine,
    Just to let you know, it’s 10.25 pm and pre-order is up on Kindle store.
    Pre-ordered and REALLY looking forward to reading it.
    Take care
    Karen xx ❤

  4. It so wonderful to hear from you again. I absolutely adore all your books and can’t wait ‘to get my mitts on the new additions !! I holler sincerely hope your husband goes from strength to strength and I’ll keep him in my prayers. Take care and God Bless.
    Ps if you ever need a teeny, tiny Guardian Angel prayer, just holler.

    Miriam 😊😊

    • Good morning, Miriam!

      Aw, thank you so much for your prayers. And I’m so happy you enjoy my books! Writing is a lonely business at times so hearing from everyone this morning has brought a lump to my throat.

  5. Glad all is well. Cancer stopped us on our tracks. Cancer have stolen too many family and friends from me.
    Can’t wait to finish the desert orchid series (?).

    • Good morning, Josephine!
      Even the word, cancer, has a power that puts a hitch in our stride. True. We’re incredibly grateful to the medical teams who have cared for H, they go above and beyond their duty of care for everyone we met.

      The next Desert Orchid book has been delayed, but I’m hoping to work on it early next year. I shall keep everyone posted. My editorial team have a schedule and need to fit me in.

  6. Congratulations to you and “H.” I’m sure at times it was difficult not to scream in frustration. But, i am delighted all is going well. Any future surgeries, or is it one of those things where you keep a close watch to see whether anything develops. Glad to hear that a release is close. YAY!!!!!

    • *Waving atcha* Dolores!

      He’s been pretty amazing, until the point where he refused to lie down and rest when he needed it. Just like a man, and I don’t care if that’s sexist because it is true. No further surgeries (we hope and pray) and he’ll be ‘on watch’ for the next five years, so he is in very good hands.

      And I’m hearing the release is already on Amazon. When I receive more links from the good people on Apple, Google Play, Kobo etc., I’ll post the cover, blurb and links at the same time. Not long to go now, and it’s a looooooong read as well.

      I hope you all enjoy it.

  7. so good that your hubby is going well! even better a new book next month. well worth the wait. Linda x

    Sent from my iPad

    • Good morning, Linda!

      I believe you sent me an email? I was just about to write to you with news. Great minds!

      As soon as I receive the store pre-order links (the book goes live everywhere on Friday October 4th) I’ll do another blog post with the cover, blurb, etc.

      It’s a long story, double my usual length, but the characters demanded they be heard. I hope you love it.

  8. Hi Christine,

    I just finished all of the series! Awesome books! I couldn’t stop reading them! And I’m so happy to hear you are working on OUR RULES! I would love to read more about ana &Oliver and the birth of the baby etc!
    Cant wait😊 Happy to hear about your husband’s health🙏

    • Helloooo, Christine!

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Gregorio’s Bride has been a real labour of love and while it was in the hands of my editorial team, I completed the first draft of OUR RULES! I’m about to dive into the second draft of the book next week. I have a three draft process before the story is sent to my editorial team. There isn’t a fixed time for the processes because every story is different. But I can say that Tanith and Anders story has caught me by surprise and I’m loving this couple so hard. I hope you do too.

  9. Hi Christine I thought something was amiss as not received any updates by email the last few months. Really pleased your husband is well on the way to recovering. Looking forward to reading your new book.


    • Good morning, June!

      Thank you for reaching out to me, and H is doing great. I hope you enjoy the story as much as my editorial team have!

  10. I am so happy to hear that H is free at last of cancer. This illness is one of the cruelest things in the world, fighting it, and winning is one of the biggest victories of our lives.
    We have missed you so so much, but family does come first when they are sick ❤️🙌.
    I am going through that beast right now. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July during my routine mammogram…..so doing your wellness check ups is so freaking important. Don’t miss them or put them off. It saved my life……I haven’t had my surgery yet, because we needed to do genetic testing and other testing, but surgery should be soon. I am hoping that the stage it’s to advanced (because I do my mammo’s every year). To following up on C.C Mackenzie message be aware of your body, and do your check-ups….age doesn’t matter I’m 48 myself.

    God bless your family C.C. and keep everyone healthy. I’m ready for more Ludlow Hall romances 😁

    • Good morning, Anita.

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I am so terribly sorry to hear your news. And I absolutely agree that doing our wellness check ups is absolutely crucial when it comes to self care. You may not know that I’m a breast cancer survivor myself. I’m now ten years clear of the disease and it struck when I was young too. You are in the best possible hands and the key to handling the stress of diagnosis is to take each step at a time. A wise doctor said to me, “Don’t panic until we have something to panic about. We have it in a jar, it is no longer in your body.” And those are wise words to hang on to.

      God bless you and your family, Anita, darling. This is the time to focus on you and your wellness. And there are more Ludlow Hall romances coming.

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