His Rules is free on Amazon for a limited time.



Happy Friday!

I’m thrilled to bring you HIS RULES free for a limited time on Amazon.

I’m working hard on the final edits for NO RULES, and it’s reading well. Because I want to keep ALL my readers happy, the story will go on pre-order everywhere for two weeks and for one week after release, before it heads over to Kindle Unlimited.

For fans of the Ludlow Hall series, I’m writing Gregorio Ancelloti’s story. This will be the eleventh book set in the Ludlow Hall world – where has the time gone? I love Gregorio soooo much and I’ve found an amazing woman for him. “Honey, I grind my pelvis for a livin’, no way am I the right woman for you.” Hehehe! This book will be available in all digital stores. I’ll keep you posted.

Don’t forget the Ludlow Hall sneak peeks will return at the end of August.


Christine X

3 thoughts on “His Rules is free on Amazon for a limited time.

  1. Hi Christine,

    Hope your summer has been wonderful.

    Just wanted to let you know how much I came to love your books. Just saying I’m having some real withdrawal issues while we wait for another book. 😆😘

    Hope it’s like a double bonanza, two books at once. Or I just need a man in my life just outta your books 😋


  2. Hey Christine,

    Just wanted to say hi. Hope you are doing well. Missing your humor and looking forward to your next book.


    • Hi Geri,

      Thank you for reaching out to me. Unfortunately, I’ve been hit by the arthritis flare from hell for three months. Bleh. The pain meds = brain fog. Brain fog = creativity has gone. No creativity = pissed off author. This, too, shall pass and when it does I’ll be back.

      Christine x

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