Another slice of Ludlow Life with The Ferranti’s







Nico picking up the twins from Montessori School


*While he straps Sophia into her car seat, he spots skinned knees*

“What happened?” Nico asks as he drives away, eyeing Sophia in the rear view mirror.

*She shrugs*

“Nothing. I tripped.”

“Evan Brown pushed her,” Luca pipes up.

“Perche?” Nico asks.

“Sophia kissed him. He didn’t like it,” Luca says.

*Nico gives his daughter the stink eye*

“Haven’t we talked about kissing boys? Haven’t we talked about germs?”

“I LIKE kissing,” Sophia says with a jerk of her chin.

“And I said, No Kissing Boys,” Nico growls.

“Evan’s my boyfriend.”

“No boyfriends,” Nico thunders.

“I want a boyfriend. Evan’s my boyfriend,” Sophia says, her voice rising.

*Luca’s eyes go big*

“I will speak with Evan’s papa…” Nico says through gritted teeth.

“NO!” Sophia shrieks.

“Si!”  Nico roars like a bull. “His son pushed you. You are hurt…”

“Sophia started it,” Luca says, more than happy to throw his sister under the bus.

*Nico eyes his son*

“Why did you not protect your sister?”

*Luca gives him a face that clearly says, ‘Are you kidding me?’*

“Evan is my friend. He told Sophia to stop, but she didn’t, so he pushed her.”

“A man protects his famiglia…” Nico begins in a tone that means business.

“I’m not a man. I’m five,” Luca says with a ruthless logic.

*Good point. Nico turns his attention to his daughter*

“Kissing boys will make you sick. Your teeth will fall out,” Nico says.

*Sophia narrows her eyes*

“You kiss mama all the time,” the daughter from hell says.

“We are married. We are adults.”

“Evan’s papa told him if he keeps kissing Sophia his willy will fall off, ” Luca says.

*Nico thanks God Evan’s papa is on the same page*

Si,” He growls. “And it won’t grow back.”

“I’ll just get another boyfriend,” Sophia the invincible says.

“You will not!” Nico roars. “That’s it. You are moving schools. Girls only. No boys.”

“Nooooooooo, papa!”


*As the car comes to halt at The Dower House, a smiling Bronte opens the door. Baby Eve is perched on her hip heroically sucking a soother. The baby’s eyes pop as a weeping Sophia races past them, and clatters up the stairs. Luca drops his schoolbag at Bronte’s feet and buries his head in her belly for a hug. Nico, with a face like a thundercloud, approaches his wife. He takes the baby, plants a kiss on a hot cheek*

“That child will be the death of me,” he says.

*Bronte takes a wild guess*  “She flushed your cell phone down the toilet?”

“No. She’s kissing boys.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it,” Bronte says.

*Nico looks at her as if she’s lost her mind, so Bronte smacks a kiss on his mouth to shut him up*

“She’s testing her boundaries. What did you say to make her cry?”

“Girls only school.”

*Bronte shakes her head*

“Bad idea. If she’s restricted from boys until she’s eighteen, she’ll be like a heat seeking missile of mass-male-destruction. Think totally insane, and out of control.”

“She is already out of control,” Nico growls.

“She’ll grow out of it. Don’t look so miserable, daddy, this too shall pass.”

*Nico grabs her in a lip-lock that lasts, and lasts, and… He shifts to rest his forehead on hers*

Si. I can do this. I am Italian.”





Isn’t this fun?

Stay tuned for the cover reveal of SEAN book ten of the Ludlow Hall Romances, with lots more to come.  AND a top seekrit project I’m dying to tell you about coming later in the year.



Christine X

12 thoughts on “Another slice of Ludlow Life with The Ferranti’s

  1. I love these little tasters but you are a tease !! You know when kids do the “are we there yet ” , if I try the “when, when, when” do you think it’ll work the same way !!! Love your books Christine but I’m on to Jacob and Gabriella again and I need a new one SOON PLEASE !!!!

    • The tasters all lead into SEAN, which I’m working on now. AND then there’s a lovely surprise coming for you guys later in the year – and it’s linked to SEAN.
      I’m also working on BREAK THE RULES, with T.C. and the man who doesn’t put up with her bad behaviour. Hehehehe. Then I’m working on book 11 of The Ludlow Hall Romances with Ethan Monroe and Louise – those two need their heads banging together. And then the story of Bruce Monroe and then Wallace Monroe – all based at Ludlow Hall.

      I’m also writing my vampyre stories, too, and a new genre coming in 2017.

      I’m going as fast as I can!


      • Hahaha, hurry, hurry !! Only joking I’m enjoying re reading in order. Can’t wait for Ethan and Louise I loved their characters in Coco and Rafaels story. Looking forward to it all ( maybe you need to learn the art of time travel !!! )

        • I know! Ethan and Louise have been cooking in my brain for months. Time travel would be a cool idea! LOL! Thank you so much for your support.

  2. Love your books can’t wait for Sean. Hopefully you’ll have more on the daughter from hell(Sophia). She needs her on story

    • Hi Jimmie,

      You are not the first person who has said Sophia needs her own story…. Except, she’s five. LOL! I’ll need to speed up the ageing process at Ludlow Hall…. or not. She has a great plot line in SEAN, and my editor is doing a happy dance, which is always a good sign.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

      I love hearing from readers.

      Christine x

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