It’s been brought home to me that I should have posted an alert here, in my blog, that book four of The Ludlow Hall series, The Trouble With Coco Monroe  is live on Amazon!

The Trouble With Coco Monroe is live now at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Nook Store UK, KOBO, Smashwords, WH Smith UK and Sony US & Canada.

The Trouble With Coco Monroe

The Trouble With Coco Monroe


The life of a writer is such that some things slip, and I’m deeply ashamed to say that posts to this blog have slipped. Yes, I’ve had many ideas for posts, but I’ve simply run out of hours in the day to post them. Which doesn’t help you guys at all. So I promise to do better in the future.

One of the things I’d really like y’all to consider is have you ever written a love letter to your significant other? Or have you become lazy and just send texts and msgs with LOL or XOXO?

Coming soon is my first ever love letter to H, written very recently.

So go for it, write your significant other a love letter and share it with us. Why should I be the only one to share my heart with the world? Step up and be men – or women!

Big Hugs

Christine xx

6 thoughts on “AAAAAND SHE’S LANDED!

  1. Our love letters here are written across the last thirty years, a few words at a time. The Editress is one of those rare souls one meets only now and again in whom the voice of the enemy has never gained a foothold. Without effort, she achieves the quality of character to which I can only aspire. She is, as I remind her often, the one who takes the rough draft of my life and makes what always should have been.

    • Now you’ve made me cry! How lovely is this? I know what you mean. H has never, ever doubted or questioned my thoughts or feelings. He’s the rock that stands before everything life throws and meets it with courage and conviction, certain that I can and will do my best.

      Thank you so much for sharing, Dale.

  2. Centuries ago I used to place little messages of love inside the box she took he sandwiches to work or leave one posted to the bathroom mirror or similar when I was due to go out and she was still abed..In latter years she used to tell our daughter that I was once a romantic but no longer left her love letters at which point I would have to remind her we were never apart these days. When Ju’s life was drawing to an end we often slept in chairs beside her bed but I resurrected the notes by leaving one in her lap in case she woke to our snores. I reminded her I loved her and how much and told her to wake me rather than be alone. She listened and luckily my daughter, son in law, our nieces and I were all there as she breathed her last, anything but alone. Loved and knowing it.

    • Aww, how lovely is this? You’ve made me cry, David. Now that post is exactly what I’m talking about, thank you very much for sharing such a special moment with us.

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