Okay, so I’m not actually in Malta.

I’m a guest on the wonderful blog of writer Natalie G. Owens and she lives in Malta, so it’s the next best thing.

But before I chat about what I’m doing in Malta, I wanted to share with you guys something a lovely reader sent me on Christmas Eve.

by reader, Jane Aschtgen Bowen

by reader, Jane Aschtgen Bowen

Isn’t the pic fabulous?

About a month ago Natalie asked if she could interview me on my writing process for her blog and quite innocently I said yes.

What popped into my inbox was an interrogation interview the length of War & Peace.

When Natalie read it she decided to spread the interview over two days. So if you’re interested in how, why and where I write and how I come up with characters and story lines then get yourselves over to Natalie’s blog HERE.

The lovely Natalie is also offering a Rafflecopter on her site where (since it’s season for giving) ten lucky winners will win all three of The Ludlow Hall series and book one in my Vampyre Legal Chronicles series, Big Trouble in China.

Christine x


7 thoughts on “I’M IN MALTA!

  1. Can’t wait to read your crazy, original responses and learn from them! Between you and Katherine Bone, lessons, lessons, lessons…and all good ones! LOL

  2. Did I hear my name mentioned? Heehee! Thank you for mentioning me with the fabulous Christine, Johanna! I feel very honored. 😉

    Oh, and in my book, learning is a lifelong lesson. So I know I’ve still got lots to learn.

  3. Are you still in Malta? I am a day late but I’ll pop over and see what kind of trouble you’re stirring up with Natalie G. Owens. I hope you’re enjoying the weather there. It should be a wee bit warmer than northern England at the moment. Don’t forget to come back with a tan Christine. 🙂

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