RUN ROSIE RUN Soundbite #5




And the edits are back! Just a few little tweaks, then reading on all the different Ereaders, then formatting, then…..

One of the things that I’ve loved about this couple is even when they’re intimate, they still manage to bicker.

To be honest I assumed because I know them so well writing about how they fall flat on their faces for each other would be straightforward. Noooooooo! Their journey to true love needed to be valid with authentic emotional conflicts, which meant digging down deep into their psyche, especially Rosie’s.

If you’ve been talking to me on facebook or twitter and I’ve not responded, we have Norovirus in this house. Thank you very much, son, who caught it during a course. H and I are not at our best, and that’s all I’ll say because the rest will be too much information.

Christine X

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