Thanks for Great Books Blog Hop!!!




The wonderful the stupendous, the gorgeous, the talented and all round beautiful woman, TamaraWard  is the brains and the beauty behind the WG2E Street Teams latest book, prize and fun giveaway over the 24th and 25th of November.

Nine fabulous authors have new releases and they’d love to have you celebrate with them. They’re showcasing  new books at the Beach Book Blast website and at their sister site for readers at the RG2E. They’ve something for everyone—from Romantic Suspense, to a sweet Holiday romance, to a YA Dystopian and a few mysteries. To make the event even more fun, they’ve added a blog hop where readers can connect to their favorite authors and learn what great books, characters, or authors have inspired them.

Here are the partners in crime, er authors, who are participating.

Fabio Bueno @
Debra Burroughs @
L.C. Giroux @
Stacy Green @
Stacey Joy Netzel @
Janice Lane Palko @
PJ Sharon @
Lily Silver @

I, of course, would have been among this illustrious bunch if I’d had Run Rosie Run ready, but as we all know I’m nearing the endgame! And can only hope it’s all worth the agony and the ecstasy – if you catch my meaning.

I’m also full of some sort of horrible bug, sweats, a fever, swollen glands and earache. I hate winter and any sympathy you want to dispense will be gratefully received.


Christine X

20 thoughts on “Thanks for Great Books Blog Hop!!!

    • Stop it! You know I like it!

      Weren’t we supposed to be talking ‘live’ today? I’ll message you and post the whole conversation on here as a post for your wonderful new book.

      And before anyone asks me to plug their book I just want to say. No. Because I don’t do reviews as such. However, I am happy to let peeps have the floor on Wednesdays. So write a post, send it to me and I’ll put it up.

      Blessings and love to you all. And do you know that Christmas is four weeks away. FOUR WEEKS? How did this happen?

  1. Um, thanks, CC! But I really hope I’m not the brains, because I just told my two sons that, if they wanted to play in the chilly weather outside, they needed to go put their pajamas on! Of course, I meant jackets, but we all had a good giggle. Thanks for the shout out for the group event, and I do hope you feel better soon.

    • You are the brains. I remember once when I used to play golf, (got my handicap in six weeks, just say’in) saying to one of my partners in a four ball to, ‘watch out for that wooden tree!) I can still see their faces. So I know the feeling, babe.

      Personally, I don’t know how you do it all, seriously.

  2. Thanks for sharing the event, CC! I’ve been lucky to read Into The Dark and Waning Moon and can say they’re great books! The others are on my TBR list (and I’m getting to them!) because I know the quality of writers who are part of the WG2E Street Team.

    CC, Reckless Nights In Rome is either next on my list, or one away. I’ve got to get some reviews written for my most recent reads!!

    I hope you feel better very soon!

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