Think Easy Virtue meets No Reservations

 …She’d wasted enough of her life madly in love with a man she could never have…

Perhaps it was time to give another man a chance…

But now Rosie has two men who want her and will stop at nothing to win her heart…

Which one will she choose…



Hello my darlings,

Just to let you know that Run Rosie Run will be delayed due to revisions/edits/copy edits. The work is technically finished, but I wasn’t happy with a couple of issues and I suspect my target was a leetle bit unrealistic.

But I’ve been receiving so many emails asking where she is that I thought I’d better do a post and humbly prostrate myself before you.

I’m looking at the end of November.

And it’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow – I’m being wined and dined by H.

And have you guys seen this? It is hilarious. A little girl (nearly five) tells her brother how to behave after he’s been very naughty. Reminds me of my eldest daughter when she was five – those were the days!



25 thoughts on “RUN ROSIE RUN

  1. Rosie’s a great character and deserves the best. So no worries about getting her out there a little later than expected. We’ll all be here waiting for her. Happy Anniversary to you both! I hope it’s awesome!

  2. Awwwwwww – taking a little longer than you expected? So you are human after all 🙂 Just kidding! I’m sure your extra work will be worth it. Rosie was fun in Reckless Nights, so I’m sure she’ll be good in whatever comes next.

    Have a great anniversary!


  3. Happy anniversary! Hope you have many more and have a wickedly good time.
    Don’t sweat it. We’ll be here waiting patiently (okay, maybe not patiently) till she’s ready.

    • Hi Jennette,

      The reason I’ve posted this is to let readers know of the delay. I know they lurk on here – I’d love them to come in and comment. But lurking is fine too, lol!

  4. Happy anniversary, and sorry to hear about the book delay. The way I see it, we need to be as happy as possible with what we’re putting out there in public. I’m sure you’ll whip it into shape!

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