Okay, perhaps not literally.

Today, I’m a guest on the beautiful blog of writer Zee Monodee who lives in the stunning island of Mauritius. HERE

The island is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The perfect spot for a romantic interlude – just say’in.

Now I’ve actually been to the island four times a few years ago when we lived in East Africa.

Please stop by and say hi and you might learn something about me you don’t know.

Zee asked for photos of the event and I promised her I’d post them here once Hugo’s scanned them – they were taken a few years ago.

Do you have a place you’ve visited that’s caught your breath?

Share it with us – we demand to know! And if you’ve a romantic tale to share too, even better.



4 thoughts on “AM IN MAURITIUS

  1. I’ve just had a lovely quick trip to Mauritius. I really liked your advice “Enter a scene late and leave early.” Can’t wait to pass that on to my writing students! And as for places that have caught my breath, there are so many! My summer spent sailing in the Gulf Islands (off Vancouver Island in BC) was one long series of breathtaking moments.

  2. Hi, Christine! I’ve been blessed with visiting many beautiful places. In Costa Rica, I love Playa Junquillal with its gorgeous beach, huge waves and lots of rocks for exploring. It’s take-your-breath-away and it’s-so-beautiful-it hurts kinda special.
    Then there is this town in Argentina called Bariloche that I visited a long time ago and totally loved it.
    Anyhow, on my way to visit the other blog. 😉

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