Reckless Nights in Rome

Reckless Nights in Rome – Free
at  All Romance – Click Here

Hi guys,

Can you believe I didn’t mention here on my blog that Reckless Nights In Rome is FREE on All Romance Ebooks?

Smack me now!

Get your copy here:


  1. “Smack me now?” Really? Don’t temp us like that Christine! LOL!

    I’ve read “Restless Nights in Rome” and it was fabulous!

    I hope everyone gets a chance to pick a free copy! 🙂

  2. Guys! Just click on the book cover posted and it will take you there. AND it’s just rec’d a 5*review on All Romance books with a 5* for heat. Gosh, that’s a surprise, lol! In total Reckless now has twelve 5* reader reviews across Amazon, Goodreads and All Romance Ebooks.

    Doing a happy dance here! Download your copy and spread the word to your friends. You can gift this book via All Romance Ebooks too.

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