Hi Guys,

Rhonda Hopkins invited me on her blog today to participate in her Authors Give Back Tuesday.

The subject we’re talking about today is very close to my heart, The Dr. Susan Love Foundation, breast cancer, and in particular prevention.  The number of women, especially young women under thirty five being diagnosed with the disease is on the increase. So this is a call to arms to all women, no matter how old and to their husbands and partners, to be vigilant.

You never know, what you read today just might save the life of the one you adore and who’s at the centre of your life.

What better gift of love to give her?

Please join Rhonda and I at her blog to help spread the word.

We need all the help we can get! Did I tell you that you guys seriously rock?

8 thoughts on “AUTHORS GIVE BACK

  1. Hi Mackenzie! I read your chap, very good, lots of great words! I’m jumping in, as I’ve just posted on my blog a soon page. Let me know what you think. Br Ca is awful n has been the entire time I’ve been a nurse. Another words I’ve seen too many deaths, many live but too many die and in short periods of time… Disgustingly makes me ill. At this point early detection n cure til we come up with more human treatments. Hey, you got me started. I do not know of this foundation, will try to visit or send me info via email. Cheers!

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