2 thoughts on “Desert Orchid Episode 12

  1. Hi Christine! I would hit the like button but I am not subscribed to WordPress.com.

    Girl, it sounds like Desert Orchid is coming along. I can’t wait to read it in its entirety. You’ve been a bit quiet this week so I’m assuming you are fast at work in your writing cave. It’s a challenge this writing and social media gig. Very hard to strike a balance. We are experiencing June gloom at the present. Normal weather for this time of year as we live within a mile of the beach. The sun peeks out late afternoon. Perfect weather for me. I do dislike the heat.

    I hope all is well with you. Sending you {{hugs!}}

  2. Hello!

    We had a glitch with our electricity this week. A problem in a neighbour’s driveway cut a power line. Fun and games with a generator to keep the freezers and fridge alive. We were out for a couple of days. Then I got a stomach bug, lovely. And we’ve had high winds, torrential rain and ten degrees. Reminds me of monsoon weather in the tropics and it’s not getting any better. Summer? What’s that? Yes and I’m trying to get work done too.

    Desert Orchid is coming along although I’m making notes of changes. Can’t wait to see how the story pans out myself!! Been taught a salutary lesson 🙂 And working hard on the final changes to Stormy which is out in three weeks. Been playing with covers and blurb and might change the title since the betas found it confuddling (just made up that word.)

    Thank you for the comment, you wonderful woman!

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