I’m sharing this with you guys because I watched the programme that made this song it was totally awesome.

Listen and share. This song is made from people from all over the world that make up the Commonwealth – nations that joined together to trade and celebrate the fact that they have the same Monarch who’s been on the throne for sixty years.

The choir is made up of military wives who’ve rocked our world. As well as many people from Africa, Australia, Jamaica and the Solomon Islands.  It’s just wonderful. LOVE IT!


  1. I live in Cheshire, in England and a good friend of mine knows Gary Barlow really well. He’s a fab song writer and performer with absolutely NO ego. He’s the lead man in the pop group Take That. What I love about him is that the group didn’t appear in the concert tonight. The night was purely about Queen Elizabeth, her life, her people and her duty to her country.

    This is what bringing people together is all about and I adore his work ethic. Loved the programme about making the song and the concert tonight. What made it even more poignant is that Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband who’s over ninety years old is in hospital tonight with an infection. God Bless him. Many people are against the Monarchy. But what I’d say is that for me, the Royal family are a constant in my life. Governments, people, come and go but they’re always there. They anchor us to the soil and the land and the country. Can you tell I’m feeling terribly emotional tonight?

    I suppose part of it is because I’ve spent ten years of my life in Africa and have seen the suffering and poverty and struggle just to survive and find food. This song brought back a lot of that.

    Love you guys!!

    • It’s been a great day today too!! A once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy and bring the whole country together for once!!!!

      The song’s fabulous and I hope it does really well. The Military Wives choir was awesome and the little girl from Kenya was just gorgeous and so talented. A pure voice. Loved it!

      Thanks for stopping by, Ginger!

  2. That is awesome! I just love the amazing power of music. Great lyrics, and fun video. That little girl’s voice is fantastic and very haunting. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    • Hi Mel,

      She’s a lovely girl. On the programme about how the song was put together, the little girl from Kenya just couldn’t stop smiling. Great stuff!!!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow, CC! From one of those rebellious ones in the colonies (i.e., the U.S.), thanks so much for sharing this. We may not officially be part of the Commonwealth but Great Britain is still family. *Hugs* from one of your American cousins.

    • LOL, Kassandra,

      There’s no one more rebellious than the Scots!! And you’re right! We are so close to the United States of America. And you know how much I love you guys, I’ve been adopted by so many!

      Thank you for the hugs Kassandra – Big Hug back!

  4. This was amazing! I’m so glad you came by the blog party so that I could come over here and see this. I’m American, born and bred, but 60 years on the throne (done with class, no less) is a historic milestone and I wish her, and her subjects, the best. What I loved most about this is that song brought together so many different people, united to make a beautiful, joyful noise in celebration of their Queen. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thank you for commenting, theforgottenwife! Now that’s an interesting name!!!

      It was a great day and the buzz was brilliant too. It was my pleasure and lovely to meet you!

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