Why Revisions need LOVE!

When a writer talks about revisions, most of us turn a whiter shade of pale. But the fabulous Harlequin author Ally Blake says she loves them.  Here she is!
She’s actually stated this fact many times before. It’s only now that I ‘get’ what she means by going through the process myself.
Back in the old days, er, a few months ago. My wip was polished, perfect and couldn’t possibly be better. I thought. It was returned with many comments on how to improve it which were worth their weight in gold. Of course, at the time I couldn’t see what the lovely editor meant. But, boy, I do now.
For the last three months I’ve gone back to basics. The work in progress has been re-structured. The emotional conflicts increased to the point of pain, hehehe. Along with lighter moments when my protagonists tumble completely in love in spite of themselves.
Ally, you’re absolutely right. Revisions rock because they catch plot holes, unfinished threads, polish and increase the emotional journey and ratchet up the tension until the happy-ever-after. They teach a writer to work on structure for character development. How to increase, decrease pace and tension.
Here’s the link to Ally’s blog and you’ll see what a positive inspiration this author has been to readers and authors alike. She has a voracious work ethic and I admire her hugely.

6 thoughts on “Why Revisions need LOVE!

    • It is, August. A certain hero is just about to be brought to his knees. God knows he deserves it.

      The thing about Ally that I love most, is that she has to be the most positive, up-beat person in the industry. With a work ethic that is truly amazing. She simply loves writing her stories and it shows.

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